Faithworks of Southeast Georgia

cheese_board_(8_of_15)We recently had the opportunity to partner with FaithWorks of Southeast Georgia, a local ministry that is a hybrid of outreaches, serving as a community charity, food bank, homeless shelter, cancer care and pastoral care center.

The chance to create something new for the auction produced one of our favorite items to date: a cheese board and matching cheese spreader made out of reclaimed heart of pine from Athens, Georgia.

During the event FaithWork’s founder, Wright Culpepper, described one of their more creative fundraising avenues: textile recycling. Have you ever heard of it? He explained, “There is nothing wasted – everything has a purpose.” The ministry has installed textile receiving boxes around town and collect any fabric or textiles that are discarded. Next, they load a truck to take down to Tallahassee where the textile is received for a money exchange, giving faith works a sum of money to reinvest in their ministry.

We were particularly excited about this since we’d created a repurposed dining item for the auction!

Have a HOPE-filled day!
Shannon & Cyle
Product photography by On Purpose Home

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